We understand the unique demands woodworking product manufacturers must address, including environmental challenges like temperature and humidity and design innovation that delights end-users with high-quality, high-performance woodworking products. Under the RAKOLL® brand name, H.B. Fuller sells woodworking adhesives for many different applications world-wide.

Emulsion adhesives:

For sheet and veneer applications, solid wood, assembly, adhesives for waterproof bonding, etc.
Emulsion adhesives usually polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) based or as PVAC copolymerizate.
H.B. Fuller operates its own polymerization lines at several European locations.

Hot melt adhesives:

Hot melt adhesives for bonding a wide range of materials at straight edges, softforming, postforming, profile wrapping, etc.
Hot melt adhesives based on all common raw material components such as EVA, polyamide, polyolefins and polyurethane.
Available as filled or unfilled systems.

Membrane press adhesives:

Polyurethane based emulsion adhesives for membrane press bonding.
RAKOLL® woodworking adhesives give you the peace of mind of many years' experience and the innovative power of continuous research and development.

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