Insulation and HVAC Construction

Large industrial insulation application.

Thermal Insulation and HVAC Adhesives and Sealants

The thermal insulation and HVAC industry relies on the unwavering quality and longevity of materials used throughout the construction process. Our Construction Products business manufactures innovative products to serve HVAC and thermal insulation projects worldwide.

Foster® and Childers™ branded products provide proven mastics, coatings, adhesives and sealants for the thermal insulation and HVAC industries. Driven by ongoing research and development, our products enhance the performance of insulation materials and systems for the global commercial and industrial construction market.

Whether you need weather barrier coatings for above ambient temperatures, HVAC sealants, vapor retarders for below ambient temperatures or thermal insulation adhesives and sealants, you can achieve confidence-in use and proven technologies for lasting application.


  • One component UV curing adhesive
  • Fast curing 3 seconds fixture
  • Good impact resistant
  • Excellent resistant to prolonged humidity or water immersion
Technology Documentation
Used for bonding of glass and metal
Reactive Chemistry | UV Curable Acrylates

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