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For absorbent cores,
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Specialty core adhesives
are key to thinner product designs

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Core Adhesives

H.B. Fuller’s specialty core adhesives increase the performance of ultra thin cores in consumer hygienic products. The Full-Care® 7000 series has technology with delayed crystallization that provides a long, controllable open time to facilitate deep penetration of the adhesive into the core. This deep penetration, combined with a high green strength, ensures excellent mechanical anchorage and wet strength, enabling cellulose reduction.

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Key Benefits
  • Our core adhesive technology delivers enhanced core integrity when wet and eliminates the risk of fractured and separated pads which can lead to leakage
  • The Full-Care® 7000 series of specialty core adhesives provides the opportunity to reduce the amount of fluff to produce thinner cores while maintaining core stability
  • The Full-Care® 7000 delivers optimal performance when sprayed directly onto the core, but can also be applied to the poly back-sheet or core wrap material


  • High performance in improving core integrity
  • Low odor
  • Light color
Technology Documentation
Used for adult incontinence disposable baby diapers
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