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Ultimate Creep and
Shear Resistance

Designed to meet the most
demanding of elastic applications

Elastic Attachment Adhesives

Our Full-Care® 8000 family of premium elastic attachment adhesives provides state-of-the-art performance to deliver the ultimate creep resistance at the lowest coat weights. Developed with an optimized balance of high adhesion and cohesion, these elastic attachment products will also provide strong bonds for areas where high shear resistance is needed.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptionally high creep resistance maintained across very low add-on levels
  • Reliable and immediate fixation of the elastic strand
  • Maintains superior creep resistance in long open time conditions
  • High shear resistance for ear, tab, or insert attachment applications 


  • Low color and light odor compared to RE based formula
  • High creep resistance and good machine-ability
  • Cost optimized
Technology Documentation
Used for adult incontinence disposable baby diapers
Hot Melt | Hot Melt


  • Provides excellent value on elastic attachment
  • Delivers good performance on leg
  • Cuff and waistband applications
  • Good color and odor
  • Fit for various back sheet
Technology Documentation
Used for adult incontinence disposable baby diapers
Hot Melt | Hot Melt

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